Big Nate on a Roll
Lincoln pierce
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Product Details
Product Details
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Setting: Describe the place where the story happened :
At his school and his house
Characters: Who were the main characters? Write their names and a brief description of each one.
Nate:He is a good person and some times he doesn't think really good . Teddy : His dad is the leader of the timber scouts. He also is a good friend of Nate. Fransis : He is a really smart person he also thinks like a computer, and he is Nate's friend. Gina : She is a big enemy of Nate and makes people in trouble but she doesn't get in trouble. Artur: He has a bad vocabulary of English that makes girls adore him. He is an enemy of Nate. But not evil like Gina.
Problem/Conflict: Describe the problem in the story.
Artur is selling more wall hangings and he is trying to catch up and beat him so he could win a new skate board because his rolled into a lake.
Main Events: Use bullets to list the main events here.
  • Nate wins the contest and gets a new skate board.
  • Nate gets embarrassed by Artur thinking he likes Gina ( Nate's worst enemy) But instead Nate wanted Artur being in love with Gina.
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