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book.jpegpoltergists of petoski

There are two ghost named Caleb and Catherin. They are hiding from a mean poltergeist who stole their house. They are called poltergeists.
This mean poltergeist is very scary when he transforms. His name is Robert. But when he’s not transformed he looks like a normal guy except glowing blue and floats.
He’s actually very nice once he knew two other families lived there. And turned two other people who weren’t ghost into ghost. The kids named Alex and Adrian. Alex’s real name is Alexis.
Alexis dose not believe I ghost until what happened in the cellar she couldn’t believe her eyes she thought she was imagining until she found herself glowing blue and a ghost it was scary.
There are three ghosts living in their home. There is a very mean poltergeists and scary too. Ghost aren’t scary there are actually nice. Does not believe in ghost.