One cold, rainy day, three kids were walking in the park. They spotted a mysterious-looking bag with moons and stars on it, hanging from a toy dinosaur.ANOTHER_Chalk_Book_Pic.JPG They looked inside it, and found pieces of chalk. One girl drew a picture of the sun, and all of a sudden it became sunny and warm.
Chalk_Book_Picture.JPG The sun broke through the clouds, and filled the sky with a bright light. Another girl drew pictures of butterflies, and suddenly, beautiful butterflies started flying around. Their wings had many pretty colors on them—all the colors of the rainbow. Then, a boy drew a picture of a dinosaur, and a huge dinosaur began to appear! It just emerged from the ground. It was a light green color, and the kids looked scared. It chased the kids all around the playground. The kids hid under slides and other playground equipment. Then, the boy took a piece of chalk and drew rain. Rain began to fall, and it hit the ground with a splash. The dinosaur looked up, like it was surprised, and all of a sudden it began to melt!
Chalk_Book_Pic.JPGIt was like it just vanished into thin air. After the dinosaur was gone, the kids put the chalk back, and they left the park. They walked away with curious looks on their faces, like they were wondering what would happen to the chalk next.