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When I Went Kyaking
When we went to camp i wanted to kayaking on the second day of camp got my wish.we went in a canoe the first around snake island when we were really slow but we had fun. We got back to the shore we had seven extra minuits so i swaped out my canoe for a kayak. We had to stay were the peopel swam i went in a bunch of circles then i finly went strate and cought up with lindsay she was realy far out i thought she was going around again but she wasent . i said im not very good at this and then it was time to go back to the shore with all the other peopel when i got back we got told to put away are stuff that we used for the canoe's and kayak's and then they told us to take are life jakets then close the bin that the life jakets were in and then we got told to go get the stuff that we dident whant to getwet when we were in the boat that was by mrs.Ehmahn stuff. she almost left her stuff but she rememberd when the counselros said to get are stuff though.