Will We Miss the Kangaroo?
I will miss the kangaroo! The kangaroo is an adorable animal. Kangaroos have cute babies called joeys, they are so small, basically the size of a bean. Kangaroos are special and different; they add a variety to animals. They deserve to stay!
Kangaroos are mammals called marsupials. They are so cute! They are special, and they only live in certain places. We don’t see them much except for at certain zoos. It’s always nice to see them. They are nice, cute animals.
Kangaroos’ babies are called joeys. When they are born, they are so small, like a bean. They travel around in their mom’s pouch until they are old enough to hop around on their own. They are really adorable! You want to see the small kangaroos grow up, don’t you? Well, if you do, don’t let them go extinct!
Kangaroos are special, and are very unique. They hop around everywhere, and they are mostly either bluish-brown, light brown, or brownish-red. They live outside, in places with a nice patch of grass with trees to go under in case it rains. Now, to me kangaroos are different. Like I said before, they only live in certain places, so it would be a treat to see them. Kangaroos add a variety to animals, and you got to love them. Please protect the kangaroos!
So, I hope you are able to see that kangaroos should stay. Think about it this way. What would it be like if people went extinct? It wouldn’t be good. That’s kind of the same with kangaroos. I mean, kangaroos aren’t people, but they do have feelings and are alive. We should make sure that we don’t try to harm them in any way. Help save the kangaroos!!!